Well, crisis averted.






Oliver’s thoughts during the season premiere:

-Okay, i will ask her to go out with me…it’s now or never..fuck, she’s looking at me, i can’t do it, i can’t..oh God, she’s going away! Ask her out, you moron!!

-mmm where i take her tonight? The italian’s restaurant always worked before, but will it work with her? Felicity do you like italian, right? Right??

-Hi, Lance! You don’t want to talk right? Because i have the woman of my life who is waiting for me, so..bye.

-Oh God, i’m SO late! It’s like the universe decided to conspire against me! She’s still waiting? Oh yes, there she is..oh crap! She’s fucking beautiful! Am i hearing the angels singing?? Breath, Oliver, breath…it’s just a date, well it’s not JUST a date, but whatever..she’s standing, what i’m going to do? I want to kiss her, but..yeah the hug is better..OMG she smells amazing! I don’t want to let her go..breath, Oliver, breath…and stop grinning like a fucking idiot!

In conclusion: thank you Felicity to make us all see this loving, excited, nervous, babbling, insecure version of Oliver. He’s adorable.

"I’ve said it before in one of my ramblings that whoever romantic potential comes into Felicity’s and Oliver’s lives in Season 3, whether or not they’re new people or people from their pasts, will have to contend with what has happened so far between Felicity and Oliver. They would have to deal with the two-year history of intense, life-threatening moments that the two them have shared. They would have to deal with the fact that these two people trust each other more than they trust anyone else — that that trust was the reason why Slade has been defeated non-lethally, why Oliver came out of Season 2 as the hero Felicity always believed him to be."
— Outoftheclosetshipper


Felicity Smoak, looking like a billion bucks. Who needs to be a billionaire when you can have a woman like that by your side. 


"I like how trusting it is, there’s no facade. Oliver has the mask of the Arrow, but he’s got so many other masks…there’s all these things that she has to break through and slowly people put down their walls. And he does that with her too, she’s slowly being eased out from behind her computer. She’s getting braver and he’s giving her chances, and he takes her seriously. I think that’s just a very loving relationship."
Emily Bett Rickards on Olicity (x)